Embeddable lightweight library and command line tool
For NFV and Hybrid Cloud Orchestration

About Apache ARIA TOSCA

ARIA TOSCA is an open, light, CLI-driven library of orchestration tools that other open projects can consume to easily build TOSCA-based orchestration solutions. ARIA is now an incubation project at the Apache Software Foundation.


Open Source, Open Governance

OASIS TOSCA offers a vendor neutral standard for modeling cloud based applications, ARIA is an open implementation of the TOSCA specification, allowing complete visibility and free use of all it’s source code https://github.com/apache/incubator-ariatosca

AIRA is an Apache Software Foundation project in incubation process, aiming to become an independent project governed by it’s active contributors following a meritocratic model. Committers of project will be leading the project’s direction and influencing thought contribution.

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